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Will/Trust Drafting
A series of detailed interviews with the client are necessary to ensure that proper care is given to achieving the goals of the client's will and/or trust instrument. Our Firm, having knowledge and experience in such matters, will conduct whatever interviews are necessary and will guide and advise our clients through the many sensitive issues involved.

Estate Planning
Estate planning can be as simple as assuring all assets are held in the proper manner to a complex estate plan involving the drafting of various inter vivos and testementary instruments to accomplish the overall results required by the client. This could include testamentary distributions, tax savings, long term care, retirement funds. guardianships, etc, Our Firm will help the client analyze his/her options to achieve his/her goals in a comprehensive fashion with the delicate touch sometimes necessary in transactions which are extremely personal in nature.

Probate and Administration
After the death of a relative and/or friend, the executor/administrator must apply for permission from the Surrogate’s/Probate Court to settle and distribute the estate. Our firm will help our clients through this difficult period and process with the utmost of care and sensitivity. This process requires a review of the decedent’s assets as well as a review of the will or other testamentary instrument if present. In the absence of such an instrument, our Firm will apply to the Surrogate’s/Probate Court for the appointment of an administrator to administer the assets of the estate. We will work with the client through the final distribution of assets.

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