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Business Organization
The Firm advises its clients as to the various forms of business entities available and recommends the particular entity that is best suited for their needs. In today’s dynamic business environment there are a variety of entities available and each enjoys its advantages or benefits depending on the given client’s primary or even secondary concerns. You may rest assured that the Firm will guide you through this process, both forming the necessary entity as well as drafting and/or reviewing the various agreements necessary to create workable business relationships and put your mind at ease.

Most commercial transactions require the preparation of contract(s) and other ancillary documents in order to ensure that all of the terms of the transaction are included and adhered to. The Firm will prepare and/or review any such contracts/documents and will explain and comment on all the particular provisions contained therein. Where necessary, we will negotiate the language of the contract to resemble the client’s goals, and we will make sure that the language clearly reflects the client’s intention and understanding of the underlying transaction. Our explanations and comments will include the reasons certain clauses are necessary while others are to be omitted, assuring that throughout any negotiation or drafting process, the document produced accomplishes all of the necessary transactional concerns of each client, both primary and secondary. We will simplify the necessary “legalese” for our clients so that they are satisfied and feel comfortable with the document(s) and overall transaction.

Corporate Governance
nasmuch as every corporation has a hierarchy, corporate governance is a necessary and integral part of today’s corporate environment. Our Firm will help our clients set up this hierarchy within the framework of their organization, and advise them as to the interrelationships of the various governing bodies.

Mergers and Acquisitions
In the process of advising and leading clients through various transactions since Shapiro & Stern came into existence, our firmhas developed the experience necessary to effectuate mergers and lead our clients through the process of acquiring other entities. We will guide our clients through all aspects of the transaction including necessary contracts, tax implications/consequences, etc.

An integral part of most commercial transactions is the art of negotiating the deal. These negotiations are often delicate and confidential in nature, and experience in this area is often the difference between the ability or inability to close a deal. With confidence and competence, our Firm will ”hold the client’s hand” through this entire process, a process which oftentimes can be quite grueling and cumbersome, yet is many times necessary to yield the rewarding results the client envisions. Our goal is to use our experience and intellect to help the client negotiate a deal that most closely resembles that vision.

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