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Our Firm handles all sorts of commercial real estate transactions from the commencement of negotiations through closing. Included in the aforementioned are the negotiations, preparation and/or review of contracts, underlying leases, profit and loss statements, attendance at closings, and review of closing documents. We also will advise the client regarding tax aspects of such transactions.

One of the biggest financial as well as social commitments a client may make in his lifetime is the purchase or sale of a home. Clients will look to counsel to advise and assure them with regard to the foregoing transaction. Clients can rest assured that the Firm will walk them through the necessary steps of such an acquisition and/or sale, from contract until closing, and will consummate such transaction in a smooth, cost effective and efficient manner, all the while protecting the client from the pitfalls sometimes associated with the purchase of a new home.

The Firm will prepare and/or review all residential and commercial leases, advising the client on the various clauses and negotiating the language of the lease to protect the client and insure that the lease clearly represents the clientís interest in the leased premises. Furthermore, the firmís experience in drafting leases for space tenanted for a variety of uses, ensures that the firm can address each individual clientís unique requirements with regard to the lease depending on the use involved (e.g. residential, hospital, office etc.).

   • Business Organization
    • Contracts
    • Corporate Governance
    • Mergers & Acquisition
    • Negotiations

    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Leases

    • Will/Trust Drafting
    • Estate Planning
    • Probate and Administration

    • Tax Planning
    • Corporate/Partnership/Individual
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